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Spiritual Sunday Workshop


Come along for a few hours and here we can explore:

  • Essential Oils

  • Chakra balancing

  • Moons and Manifesting

  • Oracle Cards and Angels

I am an Energy Healer and Oracle card reader, Advocate of doTERRA oils and all round Spiritual gal.  I invite you to this Sunday session and here you can dip your toe into the “woo woo”.

Outline of day

Essential oils

I’ll teach you how to tune into the oils (by various means) and you can identify what oils you are drawn too and repelled by. I’ll teach you what this means and share with you how to use the oils to support emotions overall.

Chakra Balancing

We have 7 main chakras (energy wheels on the body) and these can become out of sync and create havoc. I’ll teach you the tell tell signs and give you strategies for balancing them - incorporating the oils and other techniques I use.

Moons and Manifesting

Learn a bit more about the Moons and how you can align with them for your manifesting rituals.

Oracle Cards and Angels

I’ll bring my collection of Angel cards (you can bring your own) and you’ll learn how to tune in and read what the symbols mean. I’ll teach you opening and closing techniques. We’ll do mini readings on each other. Plus I’ll share how to work with Angels on a daily basis.