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SPOIL Yourself: 5 Days Training Online with Essential Oils


I'm so excited to have this very special opportunity for you...

How would you like to experience 5 days of dōTERRA essential oils, BUT, focused on how to use them from a "spiritual and emotional" perspective?

I'm talking - Chakras, Emotions, Energy, Self Healing, and the Power of Self Love...

This is an exclusive oportunity for just 10 people to join me!

If you're interested in working with energy, crystals and discovering the magic of oils, then you are in the right place. It will be a fun filled week, where I will spoil you with gifts, prizes, giveaway worksheets and anything else I can get into your hands.

So, how does it work??

  • You'll receive 5 days worth of essential oils to experiment and play with, which you will be safely guided to use

  • Key chain to store all your essential oil vials safe and perfect to take out and about with you

  • Worksheets

  • Private facebook group with like-minded people (no more than 10)

  • Daily education and inspiration via 10-15 mins FB lives

  • Prizes

  • 30 min one to one phone call with me

What is this all worth to you?

An investment of £20, and this will get you crackalackin on your journey to "Spiritual Wellness"

The 5 days class plan looks like this:-

  • Day one (Monday) : Introduction, how best we can support each other, outline of the week

  • Day Two (Tuesday) : Essential oils for Root and Sacral Chakra

  • Day Three (Wednesday) : Essential oils for Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra

  • Day Four (Thursday) : Essential oils for Throat and Third Eye Chakra

  • Day Five (Friday) : Essential oils for Crown Chakra, Wrap Up, Giveaways

In parallel, I will be sharing information on how to identify if a particular chakra is out of balance, how to work with the oils (hand placements), what crystals you can use, which power animals can help, affirmations, and share other techniques that I use as part of my own spiritual practice (like hugging trees and drinking shungite water).

How do I know this is a bit of me? I'm not sure I am even Spiritual?

We are all energetic beings, it is just some of us "feel it more". Not through choice, let me assure you.

What this online workshop sets out to achieve is to show you a handful of simple and foundational techniques that can easily be introduced into your life. Oils are multifaceted entities and can be used to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Most of us live habitually and run from one place to another. It isn't until we burn out, hurt ourselves or struggle with a mental health crisis or panic attack that we actually stop - take a breath - and then take steps to sort out our inner landscape...

The Golden Ticket is being able to work with our bodies (are strongest ally) and give it what it needs. When our emotional cup is full, we create a positive resonance in our family, friends and community groups. Just think "Butterfly Effect".

If you are interested in this, or would like to speak to me first, email me on contact@spiritualgangstertribe.com. I'll also send you a digital guide that you can read that covers a bit more detail about this program.

Check out my my website: www.spiritualgangstertribe.com

Spaces are limited to 10.

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11:00 AM11:00

Spiritual Sunday Workshop


Come along for a few hours and here we can explore:

  • Essential Oils

  • Chakra balancing

  • Moons and Manifesting

  • Oracle Cards and Angels

I am an Energy Healer and Oracle card reader, Advocate of doTERRA oils and all round Spiritual gal.  I invite you to this Sunday session and here you can dip your toe into the “woo woo”.

Outline of day

Essential oils

I’ll teach you how to tune into the oils (by various means) and you can identify what oils you are drawn too and repelled by. I’ll teach you what this means and share with you how to use the oils to support emotions overall.

Chakra Balancing

We have 7 main chakras (energy wheels on the body) and these can become out of sync and create havoc. I’ll teach you the tell tell signs and give you strategies for balancing them - incorporating the oils and other techniques I use.

Moons and Manifesting

Learn a bit more about the Moons and how you can align with them for your manifesting rituals.

Oracle Cards and Angels

I’ll bring my collection of Angel cards (you can bring your own) and you’ll learn how to tune in and read what the symbols mean. I’ll teach you opening and closing techniques. We’ll do mini readings on each other. Plus I’ll share how to work with Angels on a daily basis.

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