Hey, I’m Jade

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I am an energy healer, who loves getting my hands on people. I trained in Reiki eleven years ago but did nothing with it because I knew I wasn’t ready. It is my belief that you need to have your own house in order before you can be a conduit of pure source energy for other people. Fortunately, after some serious soul searching and oodles of self-development, “my spiritual house” is well and truly in order, which is why I’m excited to be offering some powerful healing.


More recently, I partnered up with doTERRA because they reignited my love for plant-based medicine. When I was educating myself about nutrition, I unearthed all sorts of horrid truths about the amounts of chemicals in our homes, food and beauty products.  Holy moly, what is going on?  But since having the oils in my life, I’ve been empowered to make different choices, and this has had a massive impact on my mind, body, heart and soul. Total 360-degree healing.

My passion and purpose is to empower people, particularly women, so that they can learn powerful healing strategies to enable them to love and care for themselves in a fun, holistic and impactful way.  Having balanced health and wellness doesn’t need to be expensive and difficult.

To achieve this mission, I offer hands on healing, but also run workshops and classes on essential oils, chakra healing, hormones and emotions (to name a few).


My favourite pastimes:

Being a bit of an Urban Witch, I love all things to do with nature and her cycles, including aligning with the New Moon and Full Moon.  This is the time to set our intentions and/or release and forgive. I use my spiritual tools that include dried herbs, essential oils, crystals, feathers and Oracle cards (I‘m building a library of them).  I work with Power Animal energy and am a self confessed ‘tree hugger’.  I‘m a bookworm when time allows.  In fact, books have been a primary teaching tool for me, so I always have my highlighter pen and post it notes to make references.  I love channels like YouTube because here is where I get to listen to leaders in the metaphysical world.  My current favs are Evette Rose, Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton.  I journal when the need arises, create vision boards and set intentions most days and definitely for the year ahead.  As a right brainer, it is important for me to have a sense of direction otherwise I’d find myself floating around like a feather in the wind.   

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Where did the name Spiritual Gangster Tribe arise from?

Spiritual Gangster Tribe is a perfect way to describe the vibe on managing our spirituality.  Having spiritual gifts when growing up can be an exhausting and terrifying experience if you aren’t taught how to ground and protect yourself…especially, us Empaths.  And sometimes, when you feel like you come from another cosmos, showing up in the 3D world can be extremely challenging because not only do you feel like a square peg, everyone reminds you of this too!  As a bi-product, we learn how to think fast on our feet for survival, not only in the human experience but in the other worlds too!

Vibrationally, Spiritual Gangster is a space where women who are spiritual (even if this is secretly or they aren’t even aware) come together with other like minded curious souls to explore the unexplored.  The “Gangster” symbolises the energy of being someone who doesn’t play by societal rules.  Gangsters are survivors and create their own laws because they do what they need to thrive in this cosmic experience. In this tribe, we don’t discriminate.  All are welcome.  


Professional Bio

Jade, founder of Spiritual Gangster Tribe is a Reiki & Rahanni Healer, Crystal Therapist, Green Witch, Certified Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Intuitive and Essential Oil Educator. Having immersed herself in the study of the mind, body and soul; her passion is to educate on the importance of self-care, self-love and teach women the power of their own bodies.

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My Values