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What to expect

I will focus on shifting any blocked energy, raising your vibrations and empowering you how to be your own expert in self-healing using the tools available to us. This may be through aligning your chakras with tuning folks and crystals, using herbs and dried flowers to make personalised essential oil Tinctures, affirmations and mantras, or helping you to retrain your thought patterns so that you can attract love and happiness in abundance.

Intuition and healing modalities are part of my spiritual offering. I use energy healing techniques like Reiki, Chakra and Crystal therapy to help you work through difficult challenges. I also create custom essential oil blends to help support my clients on an emotional and spiritual level. Angelic card readings provide additional insight into challenges you may be facing in your life. It also allows with me to connect with you on a deeper level.  


What happens in healing?

Dependant on what healing you are having, the majority of them require you to keep your clothes on. AromaTouch will require you to remove your clothes from the top half and you’ll need bare feet.  In fact, for all the healing, I ask for no socks because I can apply an essential oil to them (to really ground and connect you into the experience).

There are slight nuances but as a rule, these are how my healing sessions flow:

  • Cleanse the space using a Zephorium Aura Spray (charged with Lapis Lazuli and Frankincense oil).  

  •  In our first session I’ll complete a consultation.

  • I’ll use Tibetan singing bowls to open and close the healing session.

  • I’ll have crystals in wicker baskets for ease of use.

  • I work with a Master Healer Crystal – clear quartz.

  • I’ll use a crystal pendulum over your chakras to gage if they are open and balanced.

  • I’ll lay crystals on you to balance your chakras in the crystal healing, but also before I start Reiki.

  • I’ll play soft music.  

  • I pull an Angel card for the healing.

  • I’ll ground myself and ask for protection for both of us.

  •  I’ll ask my spiritual army to come in and partner up with yours. 

  • I’ll apply essential oils to your feet for a grounding effect.

  • I may use other Aura Sprays and essential oil tinctures to balance your chakras, if instructed too by intuition. 

  • I’ll ask you to pop a drop of Lemon essential oil to your palms and inhale once you’ve woken up.  This will help you focus and bring you back to the room.

  • I’ll diffuse pure essential oils to clear the airwaves and create a relaxing and soothing environment.  

  • I’ll ask you to share your experience and I’ll share what I sense in the healing (I will have taken notes in the crystal healing).

  • I’ll ask you to pull an Oracle Card and see what the message is.

  • If I had a power animal come through, I’ll share and you can look up the meaning in my animal cards or research outside of the session.

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 There is an essential oil protocol called “Symphony of Cells” which is taught by Boyd Truman.  I have been trained in this and it could be that if you are experiencing a specific challenge, say some serious digestive issues, I can use a layering technique with the doTERRA essential oils. It takes 10-15 minutes to do this and it works well if tacked onto the end of a Rahanni or Reiki healing session.

There is a small supplement charge of £7 to cover the cost of the oils.  In some of the protocols, the oils used are extremely potent and thus cost more than the average oil.  

In addition, I also make essential oil tinctures. Post the first healing session, I will gain a sense of what oils will work for your emotional, spiritual and physical ailments and can make these up ready for our follow up session.  I sometimes use dried flowers and crystal chips.  I will always charge them up with Reiki or Rahanni healing. By on large, these cost around £10.00. 

Mix n Match  

With the exception of the Aroma Touch Technique, I am happy for you mix it up.  It could be you want half the session to have crystal healing and then the remainder for Reiki, or Reiki and Symphony of Cells. 

We can discuss this in your consultation.


It is advisable to avoid the following for 24 hours following treatment in order to maximise effectiveness:

  • Caffeine

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol 

  • Strenuous activity

  • Heavy eating

  • Driving long distances

Try and relax for rest of day/evening and drink plenty of water. 

You may experience some of the following reactions.  These are known as ‘healing crisis’ and show that toxins are being removed from the body and that the body is healing itself, so there is nothing to worry about. Examples: 

  • Bad tummy

  • Needing a wee more often

  • Skin rash

  • Heightened emotions

  • Runny nose or eyes

  • Increased sleeping hours or disrupted sleep

  • Vivid dreams

  • Headaches 

If in doubt, connect with me and I’ll assist where possible.