5 Practical Manifesting Strategies


Change your thoughts, change your life!

I love a bit of manifesting, not only for more wonga, happiness or flexibility in yoga, but we can use it as a tool to help keep us in the “happy zone” every day.  

Of course, there is totally a place for vision boards (I have one, of course!), affirmations, meditations and all the other “manifesty” things that we all sign up for; but let’s get real in terms of how we use it in our lives daily. 

But there are some tried and tested “practical” things we can do that can make a massive impact on our mood…and more importantly…OUR FREQUENCY… and we get to do this by changing our physiology…

Here are my 5 go to strategies that I use every day:


1. Morning Routine – “be” in the moment, listen to your soul, be the co-creator of your day

It starts from the minute your eyelids open.  I set my alarm for 20 minutes before I need to wake up. Fortunately, I have one of those SAD lights, so I naturally wake up to a brightened room.  This takes the shock out of being woken up abruptly by a ringing bell.  

I tend to get my morning wee out of the way, then return to my bedroom.  I open the window a bit and welcome in the fresh air.  If it is the Autumn months, I also pop the electric blanket on and get snug for the best 20 minutes of my life.  I then lay there and wiggle my toes and thank my bed for enabling such deep sleep.  Being a ‘Dream Empath’ sleep is my favourite past time. I then lay and take stock of my body, the room, and the day unfolding.

I settle into myself and by this I mean I change the focus from my thoughts down into my body.  What you may notice is a thought process starting to unfold, for example “I am feeling tired”, “I feel stressed”.  In the old days, I was always led by what thoughts took hold, but with repetition you can override it.  Instead, move the focus down into the body and listen gently.  You will hear what your body wants to tell you. 

 “Today I will be gentle, kind and patient with myself”. This is your soul contract (handshake) that you uphold for the day ahead.

2.  Morning routine – “cold showers” 

Using the Wim Hoff method of undertaking a “cold shower” in the morning, you are not only giving yourself physical benefits, but also psychological.  Cold showers help in

-       Reducing stress levels 

-       Creating a higher level of alertness

-       Improving our immune system function

-       Increasing our will power (mind over matter)

But more importantly, having a cold shower means we get to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  And when we are manifesting, we are best placed doing it from a place of the unknown (the uncomfortable), otherwise we’ll keep attracting in the same old stuff.  So what better habit than freezing our tits off for 20-30 seconds?  I tell you, if you’ve woken up with a sore head, doing the Irish jig whilst thrashing your tits around under that freezing shower will soon shake you out of it…

Plus, you’ll definitely find yourself laughing…that’s a great thing, right?

The secondary gains are that you definitely feel alive - you are forced to come out of your head and into your body.

Each day that you’ll do it, you’ll feel stronger and more capable…and this is sending a message to the Universe that you are “kicking arse”.


 3. Essential Oils and our Limbic Brain

Sense of smell can produce significant mental, emotional, and physiological responses depending on the way that different aromas react with the brain.  Essential oils interact with chemical sensors in the brain, thus creating a response. These chemical sensors are called olfactory sensors. They live in the olfactory system of the brain—the part of the brain that regulates our sense of smell. The olfactory system is connected to the limbic system where emotions and memories are stored. 

You might be wondering, “How does an essential oil provide calming, uplifting, or energising feelings?”  Due to their chemical makeup, in most cases, essential oils can be classified as having uplifting or calming effects. See how the chemical structure of plants and essential oils allow them to provide specific uplifting, calming, and mood-altering properties. 

  • Mint: Commonly known to be uplifting and energizing due to a high concentration of ketones 

  • Floral: Typically composed of monoterpene alcohols, which provide calming characteristics 

  • Tree, herb, and grass: Primarily include sesquiterpines, oxides, and esters, which help promote soothing, grounding emotions and feelings of renewal 

  • Citrus: Contain chemical components like beta-pinene, monoterpenes, and limonene, which contain significant uplifting characteristics 

  • Spice: Phenols provide warming properties

So often, I will add a few drops of the essential oils into a water diffuser.  Whilst I am doing the Irish jig in the shower, my bedroom is being filled up with the essential oil aroma.  Some of my favs scents are:

  • Lemon, the oil of focus

  • Wild Orange, the oil of abundance

  • Peppermint, because of its uplifting properties 

Also, popping a drop of these oils in the shower is another way to get the oils working with us.  

That aside, there is something called “Anchoring”, and this is where oils help us embed new beliefs into our physical and emotional bodies.  In links in with Strategy 4, so let’s continue.

4. Strike a “Power Pose”

Pic 2.PNG

This strategy is inspired by the work of Professor Amy Cuddy, who did a TED talk in 2012 (and it was watched by over 46 million of us).  Cuddy’s message was simple.  She suggested that “our body language governs how we think and feel about ourselves, and thus, how we hold our bodies can have an impact on our minds.  In other words, by commanding a powerful stance, we can make ourselves actually feel more powerful”.  

In an experiment she found people's hormones and stress levels changed according to their pose. So it seems that our non verbals do govern how we think and feel about ourselves.  This is the idea of “fake it till you make it”.

So how do we put this into practice?

First, inhale an essential oil, be it a single oil or from a blend you have made up.  For example, you might have a “manifesting more money” or “finding new love” blend. Inhale from your palms and then roll this where you feel intuitively drawn to on your body (like the back of neck, over belly, pineal gland) and then stand in your Power Pose.  Shut your eyes and see yourself in your vision of abundance (for example).  For 2 minutes, stand here in all your glory, revelling in the abundance that is flowing to you.  

Now I am a fidget knickers, so I like to walk around with my arms up (like you would if you had won the 100 meters at the Olympics). Whilst doing this, this is when we visualise the thing we are manifesting in.  Be it more money, a new loving relationship or a promotion at work. As you walk around, see yourself in the image like it is already happening.

Then use your fingers to outline what you are visualising in front of you.  Like outlining a square.  With both hands, extend out the picture until it is really large (like a newspaper being unfolded).  Then ramp up the colours in the picture and make it as vivid as you can in my mind’s eye. Then wrap this holographic image over you like a cloak and let the energy and message of it soak into every cell of your body.  See the “story or image” that was just playing out being driven deep into your DNA.

 This will be sending the “new beliefs” into every cell and upgrading your DNA.

The anchoring part of this strategy is whilst undertaking this process, there will be an essential oil aroma wafting around you.  And this process is about creating a new belief (or template) that is replacing “the old way of believing” and upgrading it with “the new”.  So by simply smelling the essential oil aroma (every time you do this process), your body will instantly remember this and start to re-enact the new positive belief program about abundance, love, career etc. 

How cool is that?

Pic 3.PNG

5. Manifesting under the “New Moon

Creating manifestation rituals around the moon cycles is a powerful way to connect with our hearts and the universe on a regular basis. New moon rituals range from simple, elaborate, to everything in between. The most important aspect of your new moon ritual is that you connect with it and set aside time to engage with your practice each month. Manifesting with the moon's cycles as a cosmic timer drastically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished conscious creators and deliberate manifestors.

Manifesting on a daily basis is cool, but you get to enjoy manifesting at a cosmic level too (for the big ticket items).  No doubt you will have a Vision Board (if not, get creating) …so you’ll know what direction you are heading!  

But to really set about achieving these things, you partner with the new moons which means really putting the torch on your desires!     

Themes and energies of each New Moon:

1st House (Aries) - your appearance + image, self-identity, how you come across to others

2nd House (Taurus) - money, property + possessions, values, including how you value yourself

3rd House (Gemini) - Communications, siblings, neighbours, quick trips, early learning + education

4th House (Cancer) - home + family, all things domestic, where you belong, your past

5th House (Leo) - romance, creativity, kids (your own or someone else's), pursuit of pleasure, love affairs

6th House (Virgo) - daily routines, including at work, your health, duty

7th House (Libra) - your lovers, your spouse and your ex, open enemies, any sort of partner, including business partners, co-operation and competition

8th House (Scorpio) - joint finances, credit cards, debts, sex, anything you consider taboo, inheritance, transformation

9th House (Sagittarius) - study, travel, the Great Cosmic Quest, the Internet, higher learning, religion, spirituality, dreams

10th House (Capricorn) - your career and ambitions, how you make your mark on the world, what you're known for, your reputation

11th House (Aquarius) - friends, networks, social circles, hopes and wishes

12th House (Pisces) - your fears, your spirituality, self undoing, withdrawal, secret or hidden enemies. This is the deepest, darkest, most sensitive part of your chart

I’ll do more blogs about this.  For now, I do recommend you check out www.moonology.com. Yasmin Boland has insightful blogs and loads of free resources relating to this new moon manifesting process. 

Grab yourself a Moon diary, because then you can plot what house your new moon will be in each month, making manifesting much faster and more efficient! 

Final words

So these are my favourite strategies for keeping me sane most days. Yes, manifesting is good for the big stuff, but we are missing a trick if we don’t use the techniques every day in our lives.  To create the change we desire, we have to be the change, and this starts every single morning when we open our eyes to another day of miracles.  

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