10 Healthy Habits For Your Morning Routine


As a spiritual woman, creating continuity is important.  Otherwise, without some form of intention, the day can unfold haphazardly.

This is when a morning routine can pay dividends, because it not only sets the tone for the day ahead, but it cultivates spiritual alchemy.

Below outlines some of my personal habits that have made a positive change in my life.

I would love to say I do them all every day, but I don’t.  My brain doesn’t work that way; in fact, my brain will always try to bypass anything it deems “fixed”.  But like with any new habit we are trying to instil, it takes motivation to create the change.  Fortunately, I have oodles of that!

1.       Intention Setting

I wake up, go to the toilet and then get back into bed.  Sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes up to 45 minutes (dependant on if I have woken up earlier than I had planned).  I use this time to let my body settle and check in with what its feeling.  I then take slow breaths and consider two or three things I want to achieve for that day. One related to my work, one related to me personally.  Sometimes I throw in a wild card and pick something random.

I think there is something said for “less being more”.  And as someone who operates better with reverse psychology, setting only one or two intentions creates the opportunity for us to overachieve.

Who doesn’t like that?

If my energy feels heavy or I am having brain fog, I clock it, but I do not attach myself to it.  I then use essential oils to help shift these emotions (covered in later points).

Note – I have now removed social media from my smartphone. I can only check my Facebook account on my laptop.  I made this decision because I was being triggered by what I was reading and seeing. As an Empath, I can feel energy, even off Social Media.  Since doing this, the quality of my energy, thinking and overall quality of my life has improved tenfold.

2.       Brushing teeth

The human brain is an organ that improves through mental stimulation. The brain continuously adapts, grows and rewires itself through the growth of new neurons. When people age, it’s common that they experience memory loss and sometimes their fine motor skills – but unless the mental decline is caused by disease, most age-related memory, and motor skill ability loss is from lack of brain exercise. If you don’t use your brain, it loses its knowledge.

Using your opposite hand to brush your teeth, for example, will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even grow new ones. It’s similar to how physical exercise improves your body’s functioning and grows muscles. 

3.       Dry brushing


Dry brushing your skin is said to be for your skin something similar to what milk thistle does for your liver. You release up to a pound of toxins through your skin, your largest eliminative organ, every single day, which is about a quarter of the total waste you excrete on a daily basis. You may not know exactly what's going on inside your body, but your skin is often the first to tell the tale. Dry brushing under your armpits and on your abdomen help stimulate the lymph nodes and get things moving.  Studies have also proven that brushing our thighs is the best cellulite treatment.

Add some Geranium or Grapefruit essential oil to really kick start the detoxifying process.

4.       Shower Ritual

Every other day, I either use Rosemary or Peppermint essential oil. 

Rosemary is a brain oil, helping us to remember up to 75% more.  It is also good for hair regrowth, so popping it into your shampoo is ideal.  Rosemary, from a metaphysical perspective is great for spiritual protection. 

Peppermint can also be put into the shampoo, it helps with scalp health.  From an emotional standpoint, it really invigorates us and opens up the airwaves. So if you have got brain fog or low mood, this oil definitely peps you up!

I sometimes use is Lemon, the oil of focus.  It is really clean and crisp and cuts through the air.  I tend to use this when it is a Full Moon.   That aside, citrus oils are delightful and their chemical makeup uplifts us instantly. 

Another step I undertake is the Wim Hoff method, which is a cold shower for 20 seconds.

Cold showers help in

-  Reducing stress levels 

Creating a higher level of alertness

-  Improving our immune system function

-  Increasing our will power (mind over matter)

-  Improve circulation

- Drain your lymphatic system

- Relieves depression

It isn’t easy at first, but with persistence you will come to enjoy it, I promise. 

What I find profound is that strategies like this improve our emotional resilience.  The cold water literally trains our nervous system to be more resilient to stress.  Plus we get other benefits, like improved skin and hair, and it aids weight loss.

Come on, too many benefits to shy away from this one!!!

5.       Anchoring & Power Pose

Check out my blog here - but this is a sure way to change your mood.  Research shows that by changing your physiology you can change your psychology.  So get swinging those arms up like you’ve won the race. 

At this point, inhale the oil that you are intuitively drawn too.  If your intention is to lift your mood, definitely plump for the citrus oils.

For the anchoring part, it could be that when you sense a particular emotion, you always have a go to oil or combination of oils that you use to shift these.  Eventually, just smelling that aroma will automate the new program you will have created.

6.       Aromatic Love

On the weekends, I do an Aromatic Dressing

Aromatic dressing is a ritual using your essential oils. It is all about giving your body the nourishment and love it deserves. You lovingly massage an oil or a blend you’ve made with a carrier oil onto your body while you talk to your body with messages of joy and acceptance. You can create your own personal powerful affirmations and aromatic anchors as you are using your doTERRA oils.

Once you’ve had a shower or bath, start at the bottom of your feet and work upwards towards your heart. Apply the oil in big circular motions as you layer your body with oil and loving words.

There are endless combinations that you can use, but here are a few

Recipes (4-6 drops of each, mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil):

-          Peace & Joy ~ Wild Orange, Frankincense and Lavender.  

-          Confident Speech ~ Lavender and Peppermint

-          Wake Up ~ Wild Orange, Lemon and Peppermint

-          Trust in Source ~ Arborvitae, Frankincense and Balance

-          Making Magic ~ Lemon, Wild orange and Ginger

-          Confidence ~ Grapefruit and Bergamot

-          Smiles ~ Lime, Elevation and Tangerine

You can even include your children in this beautiful ritual too.

7.       Meditation

I don’t do these every day; I let myself be led by my higher self.  I literally get a message in my mind’s eye and then I know it’s time to get down to business.

These are my 3 favourite types

-          3 minute meditation.  This one is short and sweet and talks you through the sensations in the body.  If I can, I try and do this at work around lunchtime.  You can also just do a 3 minute meditation for manifesting.  Simply stopping for 3 minutes to consider what you want to attract in, can be powerful and effective (and is something you can do on the train). 

 -          Kirtan Kriya is a meditation chant exercise originating from India and was likely first utilized in the practice of kundalini yoga. Kirtan meditation practice involves a combination of chanting a simple mantra that consists of ancient sounds while using repetitive finger poses or mudras. This simple meditative exercise reduces stress levels, increases circulation in the brain, promotes focus and clarity, and stimulates mind-body-spirit connection.  I do this in the mornings (when I feel inclined) and always sit on the floor to do it. 

 -          Steve Nobel Transmissions.  I love these because they connect us in with our Angels and other Starbeing guides. His collection of meditations range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.  I tend to do these at night when lying down, because it is a good frequency to be in before going to sleep.

 8.       Journaling

At its core, journaling is like getting a glimpse into your soul where thoughts and emotions roam free without fear of criticism. It's in this place where you can find meaning surrounding the circumstances of your life and identify areas to work on. All it takes to tap into this place is adopting a stream of consciousness writing style, free from self-monitoring.

Journaling is particularly helpful if you struggle with depression or anxiety as it helps to gain better control of your emotions, which improves mental health.

7 benefits:

-          Gain clarity

-          Build Empathy

-          Feel calmer

-          Solve problems

-          Increase creativity

-          Boost cognition

-          Track patterns

 You can keep a journal by your bed and either do first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  Or even at lunchtime.  Whatever suits…

You can also list your gratitude’s in this journal or have a specific journal for these.

I’ve been journaling for 11 years now.  I mostly type mine up when I feel the urge to stream (it currently has 139,659 words across 206 A4 pages, of which I have never read back); but there is power in handwriting with pen too (I have a journal for this also).

For me, I find it cathartic and it enables me to coach myself.  Sometimes when “stuff” is in our heads, we cannot see it.  But when we write it out, we can become objective coaches, like what we are to our friends. 

9.       Energy Protection

As a spiritual woman, I MUST ensure my energy is protected.  The Easy Energy Technique is quick and effective process that I use every morning. It takes 2 minutes.  

If you are someone who is susceptible to other people’s energy, try introducing it as part of your daily routine.


I also use my “High Vibe” spray. I have these in multiple places for easy access.  When spraying them, I consciously visualise myself in a safe energetic bubble and request that any unwanted energy be returned back to the sender.

10.    Learning from others

Something that helps keep me on track is listening to inspiring people who discuss topics of interest.  I don’t watch or listen to mainstream TV or radio, but instead listen and learn from leaders who are sharing their wisdom.  My favourite subjects are neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics, law of attraction, and anything metaphysical.

You can find great resources on Audible, YouTube and Podcasts.        

I listen to these on my mobile whilst getting dressed in the morning and when I am driving to and from work. 

A lot of my recovery has resulted from my incessant need to learn and grow and this has been achieved through books, online education, attending workshops and now audible learning.  My philosophy is that if something in your life is impinging it, get smart and learn everything you need to know to overcome it with grace, love and wisdom.

I hope you find these Healthy Habits for your Morning Routine useful. Thanks for stopping by.

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