"High Vibe Spray" for Empaths


Learn how to make your own HIGH VIBE spray to keep those “energy vampires” away…

Firstly, what is an Empath? Well, we are the human version of emotional sponges.  Picking up energy from people, places and even objects!

All humans can pick up energy, but Empaths take it to another level (and not through choice).  We feel “stuff” in our bodies, literally, and if not managed it can be debilitating. 

If we haven’t got the right boundaries in place, we can feel like a dish cloth being swished about the kitchen, picking up all the debris, crap and sludge.  Consequently, we feel drained, washed up and sometimes only good enough for the bin!

This all comes about when our energy field has gaping holes, usually through sugary foods, alcohol, drugs - to name the obvious.  This then creates an open doorway for other people’s stresses, worries and pain to slip right in. We also leave ourselves open to other parasitical energy, and this floats about the cosmos waiting for that open door.  

…this then manifests in our body and creates all sorts of havoc – like feelings of depleted energy, anger, sleepiness and actual physical pain.  Conditions such as fibromyalgia are often linked to undiagnosed Empaths.

So as we learn who and what we are, we have the power to become Empowered.  And this means taking the correct self-care measures to ensure we stay in our lane and can operate from a boundaried place.

Empaths have much work to do on the planet, so we haven’t got time to be flat out under our duvets suffering from the BS we’ve absorbed from toxic people.  And toxicity doesn’t mean a bad person, but it can be that friend who always calls you to off load their crap, never listening to you and then continuing to live their life without changing it.  

Ring any bells?

So let’s talk BOUNDARIES…

This is something we grapple with, often feeling guilty when we put ourselves first – especially Empaths who are in business.  And let’s not forget, creating new habits does take a few times (in fact, 66 times) but once you’ve practiced creating boundaries enough, it’ll become like brushing your teeth - you won’t even need to think about it.

Now, theseenergy vampires” manifest in all sorts of shapes and sizes - from Narcissist, The Victim, Drama Queen, Control Freaks and Non Stop Talkers….to name a few!

How do you know if you’ve met an energy vampire?

  1. You feel tired and want to go to sleep

  2. You feel sick

  3. You reach for sugar or carbs for a boost

  4. You become anxious angry or negative when you didn’t feel that way before

  5. You feel ashamed, controlled, or judged

  6. You don’t feel seen or heard

You can also feel drained and depleted simply by walking around a busy supermarket, like Westfields or even Festivals. For me, this literally feels like a day in hell

Did you know…that when people drink spirits, this creates a portal for malevolent entities, dark spirits and parasites to come in and latch on - usually through the Root Chakra.   This could explain why some of us turn in the “devil” after a few wines!!! 

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Being an Empath is a beautiful gift when you know how to switch up the dial and be in control.

….this is when Essential Oils make an entrance!

If you aren’t aware, essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. What this means is they have the Quintessence or Life Force of the plant, herb or fruit from which they are derived.

On average, the adult human body is 50-65% water. Coincidentally, plants, trees and flowers are also living organisms and contain almost identical body composition making them like-substances with our bodies. Plants, trees and flowers have also developed and evolved through the same cultures, decades and ancestries as man, and have been used throughout history for medicinal purposes. We also share similar immune systems, digestive processes and have a similar response to bacterial infections.

But it goes wider than just our physical needs, incorporating oils into our Mind, Body and Spiritual practices is a very powerful strategy that is a welcome process for every energy feeling person on the planet.

During my research and with my own personal experience with the oils, I came across these 7 that are the strongest contenders for enabling Empaths to show up in the world without feeling energetically “beaten up”.


My FAVOURITE combos in the spray bottles are:

  • Lemongrass, Basil and Melaleuca

  • Lemongrass, Clove and Rosemary


Eucalyptus is great to use in an Epsom Salt Bath, with other oils like Lavender. You can even inhale from your palms and rub over your chest with carrier oil. This will keep your HEART protected.

Note - parasitical entities cannot latch on through our heart chakras. Our hearts magnetic field, which is the strongest rhythmic field produced by the human body, not only envelopes every cell of the body, but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers. This explains why dark forces want to keep us disconnected from this part of ourselves. 

Anyway, let’s talk “Recipes”

  1. Pick 3 oils and then combine 5 drops of each into a 16oz glass bottle and fill up with distilled water. 

  2. When combining oils, they seem to work best when partnered as a trio. Think synergy, or even, Mind-Body-Soul.

  3. You can also diffuse these combos, only using 2-3 drops of each.

  4. And you can bath in them too - especially if you’ve taken a proper energetic kicking!

Cleansing Process

When and how to do each day

  • Morning and Night - spray around your aura whilst setting the intention of protection. Visualise any energetic suckers falling away from you. You can physically pull these out of your energy field, if that feels more effective for you.

  • Extra bottles - keep bottles at your desk at work, and one in your car (I spray this before a shopping trip and again when I return to the car).  I say out aloud “return to sender, return to sender, return to sender”.  When you are doing hands on healing or card readings, ensure you do a good spritz of the room pre and post the session.

  • Melaleuca - this is the oil for keeping out parasitical energy, so you can apply a drop to your palms (inhale) and then use your hands to enclose your energy field with the vibrational healing of the oil.

  • Lemon and Melaleuca - these are nice to diffuse together (clearing your airwaves and clearing the energy of the room). Rosemary and Lemon are effective too - these are brain oils. Helping you clear away any brain fog and helping you to stay focused.

ALWAYS visualise yourself in a protective bubble or body suit. Even put mirrors around you, reflecting back any unwanted energy!

And if you forget and suddenly feel drained in someone’s company, visualise the bubble coming around you. Send the energy back to the owner and then grab your spray at some point in the day!

Other strategies you can incorporate:

  • Each morning you can do a breathing technique which not opens your chakras, but puts you into an energetic bumble of safety

  • Wear crystals, in particular, Shungite. Check out this guide

  • Think B.I.G. BOUNDARIES - INTEGRITY - GENEROSITY Watch this Brene Brown clip who explains in more detail

There is a whole suite of strategies that can be used for being an EMPOWERED EMPATH, but this will certainly get you started.

Plus, who doesn’t like the smell of oils throughout the day! 

If you haven’t got the oils already, get in touch if you would like to know more. 

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