"Easy" Energy Protection Technique


As an Empath and all round Spiritual being, I have to work hard at keeping my energy field protected because I am susceptible to all sorts of energetic attack.  As a new rule, I have adopted this simple Opening and Closing technique, which helps me stay protected.

I do the exercises listed below first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 

If you are someone who feels drained, depleted and anxious…give this a try

The Cleansing or Egg Breathing Technique

Phase 1

You have to imagine that you are the yolk in an egg and that between the yolk and the outer shell, there are seven layers (seven layers of energy or awareness).  We begin the breathing as follows :

“On the first breath, draw your breath from under the feet and up the back of the body and up over the head.  On the out breath, breathe down the front of the body and back under the feet.” 

When you have completed the first full pattern seven times, you then follow the second phase to the exercise.

Phase 2

Again, start under the feet and draw the breath up the right side of the body and up over the head. The out breath then goes down the left side of the body and finishes back under the feet.  Again, this is done in seven layers as per the first pattern.

You should aim to keep the inhale and exhale parts of a full breath of equal length.

Breathing for Protection

If you aim to do this exercise for protection, then as you do each breath pattern, align it to each chakra. In doing this you can utilise the colour associated with each of the chakras, which are as follows:

  1. 1st breath is Red – this is for the Root or Base Chakra

  2. 2nd breath is Orange – this is for the Sacral Chakra

  3. 3rd breath is Yellow – this is for the Solar Plexus Chakra

  4. 4th breath is Green – this is for the Heart Chakra

  5. 5th breath is Blue – this is for the Throat Chakra

  6. 6th breath is Indigo – this is for the Brow Chakra

  7. 7th breath is Violet – this is for the Crown Chakra

  8. 8th breath – this is a two way mirror pattern breath. By doing this last, you can then consciously allow in the energies you want, reflecting all other unwanted energies back to their senders.  Using an idea from Robert Reeves, I also visualise the word LOVE above this chakra, which I see as a door (connecting us between Heaven and Earth).  I filter in pink loving energy only.  

Spiritual door.PNG


As you work up the chakras from Root to Crown, use a Selenite sword to open the Chakra.  Selenite is a crystal we associate with Angels, but it is also great for slicing off unwanted energy.  If you are a Dream Empath like me, using this first thing in the morning is important because gald only knows what we’ve picked up on our astral travels when in the land of nod. 

Note that you do not have to envisage each breath in colour, but a lot of people seem to find it helpful as an aid to completing the whole exercise.  Also, try and be as relaxed as possible when going through these steps.

For any healers out there, you can teach your clients this technique because it can aid them in their recovery.

Closing Down at night

Just before getting into bed, use your Selenite sword to scan your whole body. Ask Archangel Michael to come in and slay away any energetic debris from the day.  Then when in bed, manually put your hand over each chakra and close down one at a time – from Crown to Root.  It is recommended that you visualise it like a bud, whereby you can still see a few petals peeping out at the end.

Personally, I then zip myself up in a white energetic body bag.  I visualise a funnel plugging into the cosmos and I ask for an injection of Galatical magic (this is my reboot).  I see a whooooosh of pure silver and white energy flowing into the energetic body suit.

If my third eye is aching or I have a headache (a side effect of third eye work), I then lay the Selenite across it.  I find it very cooling.


What else?

For extra support, you might want to work with essential oils during this process.  For example, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, and Sandalwood are some of my favs.  But go with your gut.

Also, place some crystals under your pillow.  My favourite is a Lemurian one.

You can even pull an Oracle or Angel card and place that under your bed or pillow.  Never harms to have extra support from our Spirit Guides.

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