7 Archangels to work with everydaily


Our Archangels are logoic and Holy Spiritual Beings, who build, govern over and project themselves into the universes. Within Absolute Beingness are Orders of Archangels, Holy Monadic Beings, each Order containing myriad upon myriad of Beings of the same kind. We know of the existence of twelve Archangelic Orders: Thrones, Authorities, Dominions Principalities, Overlords, Seraphims and Cherabims together with other named and unnamed. They possess Total Wisdom, Love, Power and Absolute Self-awareness. Angels are elementals of Archangels (researchersoftruth.org).

For me, our Angels and Archangels are trusted allies that help make up the membership of our Spiritual Army. Each one of us will have a platoon of guides, animals, symbols, ancestors and star-beings that bolster us up when we ask. The trick is to ASK. We are in the 3/4D world of FREE WILL, so our energetic friends cannot intervene unless we give permission.

A good place to start when dipping our toes into the waters of the metaphysical is by partnering up with the Archangels. These are the '“Governors” of the Angels. I won’t go too much into their characteristics, but give you enough information to be starting your spiritual practice, combining it with crystals, colours and essential oils.

1. Archangel Chamuel.PNG

Monday - Archangel Chamuel

Prayer Ribbon is Vibrant Pink

Virtue is Love

Ray is Pose Pink

Crystal is Rose Quartz

Key words are LOVING YOU - Love, Love Self, Love Others, The Greatest Love of all starts with Self Love.

Essential Oil - Rose “The Oil of Divine Love”.

Rose Oil holds a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet. It is a powerful healer of the heart. It supports individuals in reaching heavenward and connecting with the divine love. Rose teaches the essential need for divine grace and intervention in the healing process. Rose invites individuals to experience the unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love of the Divine. This love heals all hearts and dresses all wounds. It restores individuals to authenticity, wholeness and purity.

Application - apply over the heart chakra in a clockwise motion. Or, if you roll the Rose touch up the left arm and into the crease of the elbow, this links into the heart. You can apply on your palms and then inhale, before rubbing in a clockwise motion over the heart with or without clothes on. The subtle energy will synergise with your aura/energetic field.

Affirmation - I AM LOVE

2. Archangel Michael.PNG

Tuesday - Archangel Michael

Prayer Ribbon is Royal Blue

Virtue is Will

Ray is Blue

Crystal is Obsidian

Key words are PROTECTION - Speak your truth, say your piece, you are protected, cleanse, cleanse and cleanse

Essential Oil - Frankincense “The Oil of Truth”.

Also known as the “King of Oils”, which is quite fitting for Michael, as he is the keeper of the Archangel Angels who are closest to the Earth.

Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths. It invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. This oil helps create new perspectives based on light and truth. Frankincense recalls to memory spiritual understanding, gifts, wisdom, and knowledge that the soul brought into the world. It is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness. When we are in balance, Frankincense along with Archangel Michael, enables you to feel enlightened, loved, protected, wise, discerning, spiritually open and connected.

Application - you can apply this to all of your chakras, starting from your feet. With the residue left on your palms, place hands on both front and back and work your way up the chakras until you reach your crown. Then one final inhale of the oil and visualise a beautiful golden white light surrounding you. See your aura sealed and protected.

Affirmation - I AM PROTECTED

3. Archangel Raphael.PNG

Wednesday - Archangel Raphael

Prayer Ribbon is Emerald Green

Virtue is Truth and Healing

Ray is Green

Crystals are Jade + Emerald

Key Words are HEALTH + WELLNESS - Hold your peace and stand your ground, health and wellness are abound.

Essential Oil - Basil “The Oil of Renewal”.

Basil helps when you are feeling fatigued, have low energy, feeling overwhelmed, and are struggling to cope with life’s stressors. The smell of Basil oil brings strength to the heart and relaxation to the mind. This oil is also excellent for states of nervousness, anxiousness, and despair. Basil is also helpful for recovery of negative habits. It gives hope and optimism to the tired soul.

Another way to use Basil is to mix 5 drops with Lemongrass and Melaleuca. Combine with water in a spray bottle. This will help ward off toxic energy that might be invading you. If you are an Empath, this combination will be a welcome tool for you to use daily (if not hourly). Definitely use it on a Wednesday when working with Raphael.

Application - apply to soles of feet. With the residue of the oil, inhale and then rub over your heart area. Diffuse intermittently throughout day, either with the same ingredients above using these recipes: 3 Basil, 4 Lemon, 1 Spearmint; 3 Basil, 3 Bergamot, 2 Lime, 1 Peppermint; 3 Basil, 3 Grapefruit, 2 Peppermint.

Affirmation - I AM HEALED

4. Archangel Uriel.PNG

Thursday - Archangel Uriel

Prayer Ribbon is Metallic Gold

Virtue is Service

Ray is Gold

Crystal is Sunstone

Key words are ABUNDANCE - Abundance flows in joyous hands, shine, shine, shine!

Essential Oil is Wild Orange “The Oil of Abundance”.

Wild Orange addresses a wide variety of emotional issues. It inspires abundance, fosters creativity, and supports a positive mood. This oil reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy and playfulness into one’s life.

At its core, Wild Orange teaches the true meaning of abundance. It encourages individuals to let go of scarcity mindsets with all of their manifestations, including fear, nervousness, inflexibility, workaholism, lack of humour, and the belief that there is not enough.

Application - mix with a carrier oil like franctionated coconut oil and rub clockwise over your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the seat of our creativity and when we are generating abundance, connecting with this chakra is ideal. Time to bring forth your inner child. You can also rub a bit over your hair and/or on a scarf, so that the beautiful essence of it can waft around you and generate genuine feelings of joy! Diffuser blends: 4 Peppermint + Wild Orange; 3 Lime, 3 Wild Orange, 1 Lemon, 1 Peppermint.

Affirmation - I AM ABUNDANT

5. Archangel Gabriel.PNG

Friday - Archangel Gabriel

Prayer Ribbon is Pure White

Virtue is PURITY

Ray is White

Crystals are Diamond + White Howlite

Key Words are PURPOSE - Find your purpose, stay on track, under our guidance you will never look back

Essential Oil is Roman Chamomile “The Oil of Spiritual Purpose”

Roman Chamomile supports individuals in discovering and living their true life’s purpose. Regardless of what someone does for a living, they can find purpose and meaning in life. Purpose isn’t defined simply by outward actions of individuals; it is housed within their heart and soul and radiates out to the world. As individuals live from the centre of their beings, they find power and purpose that is indescribable. They also feel calmer and more at peace.

This oil assists in feeling connected to and supported by divine helpers and guides (like Gabriel) and calms insecurities about following one’s spiritual path. When in doubt, Roman Chamomile softens the personality, easing the overactive ego-mind.

Application - Apply on soles of feet and rub over third eye and crown chakra. Inhale from palms and visualise Gabriel surrounding you in pure white light. See a channel of white light flowing from your crown up to source and back down again.


6. Archangel Zadkiel.PNG

Saturday - Archangel Zadkiel

Prayer Ribbon is Royal Purple

Virtue is Alchemy

Ray is Purple

Crystal is Amethyst

Key Words are VISIONARY - See it clear, and see it true for what you desire right in front of you.

Essential Oil - Clary Sage “Oil of Clarity & Vision”

Clary Sage helps individuals in changing their perceptions. it gives courage to see the truth. One of the finest oils for the brow chakra, Clary Sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping you to see your limiting beliefs. This oil encourages you to remain open to new ideas and new perspectives. It can help during a healing crisis when a drastic change of perspective is required. Clary Sage opens the soul up to new possibilities and experiences.

Application - apply over the brow chakra and inhale from palms.

Affirmation - I AM VISIONARY

7. Archangel Jophiel.PNG

Sunday - Archangel Jophiel

Prayer Ribbon is Bright Yellow

Virtue is Illumination

Ray is Yellow

Crystals are Citrine and Amber

Key words are CLEAR + BALANCE - let go of worry, let go of fear and always know the Angels are near.

Essential Oil is Ginger “The Oil of Empowerment”.

Ginger holds no reservations. This oil has a purpose and will fulfill it. Ginger powerfully persuades individuals to be fully present and participate in life. It teaches that to be successful in life, one must be wholly committed to it.

Ginger addresses deep patterns of victim mentality, which is evidenced by feelings of powerlessness, believing everything is outside of one’s control, refusing to take responsibility for life, or blaming life circumstances on other people or outside influences.

Application - on Sunday’s (or whenever you are feeling like this) rub Ginger over your solar plexus chakra (your belly) in a clockwise motion.


Other things you can do

  1. Each morning pull once of these Archangels from an oracle card set. Read it, connect with it before placing it on your altar. Or you might decide to carry the card with you and place it on your desk at work.

  2. If you have time in the morning or last thing at night, listen to a meditation specifically for that Angel or (near enough to the energy you are drawing in). I follow Steve Nobel on YouTube.

  3. Apply the essential oil to where guided.

  4. Stand in a Power Pose and say out loud your affirmation.

  5. If you have the crystal associated with the Angel, pop somewhere close to you, like in your bra!

  6. Keep an eye out for signs from the Angels, like White Feathers, Rainbows, numbers on your clock or mobile (11:11, 22:22, 33:33).

You can follow this Spiritual practice for a few weeks until you really feel familiar with the energy of the Archangels, including the oils, crystals and colours associated with them. Then you will become more discerning and can pick and choose which days you need a particular partner from the Heavens to help you through something. Or you might just want a lift or boost!

I have sourced the emotional properties of the oils from Amanda Porter’s book “Emotions and Essential Oils”.

If you would like to contact me about getting your own doTERRA account or to learn more about what I have written here, drop me a line.

Love + Light


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