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Welcome to the tribe


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Hello beautiful


I am passionate about creating a Tribe of women who can heal, grow and feel empowered to be the person they really are without fear, judgement or criticism, just as I have been able to do. 

I have been a victim of sexual abuse, bullying, experienced an eating disorder and nearly landed in prison for violence in my teens. For most of my life, I had wanted to commit suicide, finding the human experience tough. All this led me to know first-hand the importance of healing, self-love and hustling the cosmic realms. 

And so I founded the Spiritual Gangster Tribe, and welcome you, my spiritual sisters, to come together to heal, have fun and cultivate genuine happiness in your lives. 

I’m here to bring love and healing to others, and pride myself in being able to heal deep wounds, shift energy and empower women to be the best version of themselves. I believe in a holistic approach to healing, meaning working from the inside out and in unison with Mother Earth. 

I’m a Reiki & Rahanni Healer, Crystal Therapist, Networking Professional, Urban Witch, Spiritual Intuitive and Essential Oil Educator.


My Journey

My passion and purpose is to empower people, particularly Empathic women, so that they can learn powerful healing strategies to enable them to love and care for themselves in a fun, holistic and impactful way.

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I use energy healing techniques like Reiki, Rahanni, Chakra and Crystal therapy to help you work through difficult challenges. 


Essential Oils


Discover the power of pure plant magic + find out how essential oils can help you manage your physical, emotional and spiritual health


The Commitment

After being offered Prozac at the age of 20 by my GP, I intuitively knew that this wasn’t the solution.  We are a culture of Band-Aids; so I intuitively knew that I needed to start a journey of self-enquiry, self-development and self-empowerment. Not only so that I could heal my own wounds, but more importantly so that I could inspire and empower other women to do the same.

I’m a keen meditator and have undertaken three Vipassana retreats, experienced Ayahuasca and attended Ashrams in India.  

Here is also a little taste for what I been immersing myself in over the years:

·      Rahanni Celestial Healing 

·      Crystal & Chakra Healing

·      Reiki II Healing

·      deAROMA Reiki (partnering with doTERRA essential oils)

·      Acu-Sound Healing (tuning folks) 

·      Symphony of Cells (partnering with doTERRA essential oils)

·      AromaTouch Technique (partnering with doTERRA essential oils)

·      dōTERRA Wellness Advocate (sharing my passion for holistic wellness)

Products I partner with:

·      doTERRA Pure Essentials Oils

·      Zephorium - powerful combination of high quality aromatherapy oils + potenised crystal in Aura Sprays

·      Mother Earth’s minerals and crystals

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